Text Message Marketing For Real Estate Agents

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Real Estate Text Massage Marketing That Works

Real estate text message marketing works on many different levels but all levels of this type of marketing engage a prospect by providing them with an immediate answer to a question or information about a listing or even a free report. Some, like Responsive Texting, can combine a response with photos and or a video. This usually will move the prospect forward in the sales cycle much faster than regular old emails or direct mail (aka snail mail).

Text messages are read faster and actually kept longer than emails. In fact, about 85% of all text messages are read within the first 5 minutes. On the other hand, only 1 in 4 is actually opened and read. Additionally, the average response time for a text is less than 2 minutes.  Unfortunately, email marketing is no longer enough to close a sale.

Setting up a basic but powerful text message marketing plan is very easy and Responsive Texting has made it even easier with their great customer service and support staff. Sending real estate text messages to prospects using a shortcode like 69696 are easy for that prospect to remember. Your next step is to pick a keyword that identifies you or your real estate business. For example Text the word CONDO to 69696. Once a prospect does this, you know to reply to them with listings about condos.
With Responsive Texting, you can set up your real estate plan to trigger an auto-reply. These auto-replies, also known as autoresponders, can help you to gather more information from your prospect like name, price range, location and more.  additionally, you can set up your real estate marketing plan to gather leads on a rotating basis.  For example, let's assume you manage the real estate office and you are promoting your texting service in the local area. over the week your office receives 20 new prospects from your service.  as a manager, you have the ability to rotate these new prospects to different agents in your office.

Text message marketing is not complicated and real estate agents should not shy away from it.  In fact, they should really run to it.  If you are a real estate agent and you fall into any of these categories you should find a text marketing service ASAP.
  • In-a-rush: text autoresponders and action-triggered texts are will message the buyer and seller automatically on the agent's behalf.
  • The Nontechy: Once the automated system is set up, even the non-technical agent will look like they are on top of the tech world by keeping buyers connected with reminders and updates.
  • Social media agents: if you love the social media end of being a real estate agent, you'll love how text message marketing responds with a message based on keywords as well as text codes through your online advertising or posts.
  • Technophile: While you don't need to be a tech head, it does help. And the text marketing software with its combination of codes, tracking, and reminder texts will keep your marketing running smoothly.
We encourage you to signup to https://ResponsiveTexting.com and try us out for 30 days. If you are not happy, we will give you your money back GUARANTEED.

We provide:
  1. messages to be sent via regular text, pictures, video or any other type of media.
  2. Text inbox service to ensure that you are responsive to your prospects (buyers or sellers).
  3. short code or long code.  Both provide important features and you may want to use both for certain messages
  4. unlimited keywords. Long codes provide unlimited keywords. This allows you to create unlimited groups of prospects
  5. text blasting.  Create one message and send it out to your entire list or you can choose what group gets your blast message.
  6. Drip & reminder campaigns. These are designed to keep the agent engaged with the buyer or seller throughout the process.
  7. Responsive. Hence our name. These campaigns might include polls, surveys, text-to-win, appointment scheduling, birthday wishes and more.
If you have any questions, text "ASK" to 69696 We are here to help.  Always!

Let us know what you think of this post. Feel free to comment. We will approve your comment quickly and respond just as fast.
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